In the beginning, HE created WORD.


    • In the beginning, HE created WORD.
    • On the second day, all Knowledge sprung forth from WORD. HE saw it was good. And so it was.
    • On the third day, Common Standards were decreed to be the Truth. And so it was.
    • On the fourth day HE said, "Let the Truth come to light through the goodness of TESTS, let them be abundant throughout the land."
    • On the fifth day, Test Takers were created in his own image and HE said let them be masters of the earth.
    • HE saw all he had made, and indeed it was very good. Evening came and morning came: the sixth day.
    • On this day HE anointed the guardians of the Truth with heavenly gifts and earthly riches.
    • Before resting on the seventh day, He fashioned FLEDGLINGS whom he called forth to populate the houses of scripted learning.
    •  And as the darkness descended upon the seventh day, HE declared himself the ALMIGHTY.