12 Favorite 2011 INSPIRATIONAL Tweets by A Former Teacher, Principal & Kid

Dear Friend,

I'm sharing this collection of 12 Favorite 2011 INSPIRATIONAL Tweets of mine for those of you who may have missed them during the year. They are my personal favorites. Enjoy!

Have a Healthy New Year!
Richard Lakin @Thanks2Teachers

1. Children are so refreshingly honest and spontaneous. #WhyILoveTeaching

2. The special beauty of each child is found by those who are interested, patient, and caring enough to look within.

3. 13 Words of Advice: Focus on building relationships and trust and engaging children in learning that matters

4. A Tribute to a Teacher who's inspired THOUSANDS of youngsters in 6,300 days! http://bit.ly/kZnRf5

5. My Passionate Principal Years (Inspired by Shelly Terrell's #30Goals) http://bit.ly/gAXY5q

6. WANTED: More personalized schools where children come 1st & where a loving school climate & kindness prevail.

7. A Note to Our Grandkids' Teacher http://bit.ly/fBtOAc

8. A Note to Our Grandkids' Principal: A New Year's Greeting http://bit.ly/hDOhOi

9. Supporting & encouraging teachers at the individual school level will do more to improve education than the billions spent on NCLB & RTTT!

10. If your mindset is distrust, you control! If it's one of trust, you encourage & empower!

11. A compassionate America guarantees EQUITABLE FUNDING in K-12 public education.

12. A GEM! The Vermont Design for Education: a tiny guide with grand ideas. http://bit.ly/ruSA90