It's no secret that...

It's No Secret That:

It will take YEARS for Public Ed to recover, if ever, from the damage caused by NCLB & RTTT.

Our nation must address Childhood Poverty as a form of child abuse!

Children of the 1% attend schools with the SMALLEST CLASS SIZES!

Schools of children in poorer communities need more resources than their affluent counterparts.

Wealthy "edreformers" will NOT be held accountable when their regressive policies push Public Ed into disarray!

The AFT, NEA, Nat'l PTA and many professional organizations have sold out to  Gates $$.

Arne Duncan only LISTENS to himself and will continue to push ahead with his costly UNTESTED federal initiatives!

ALEC and the Koch Brothers are in the forefront of the movement to destroy Public Education  

It's Time for Teachers to summon the courage to SPEAK OUT & actively PROTEST to save the teaching profession and Public Education!