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A Principal's Principles
These "14 Principal's Principles" were shared on Twitter on August 6, 2010 and are many of those basic to my educational philosophy. Those dated 9/1968 (1-5) I shared with my staff at "Independence Elementary School" on my first day as a new principal 42 years ago.

I was principal of "Independence Elementary School" for 16 years and much of what I've written in my book, Teaching as an Act of Love: Thoughts and Recollections of a Former Teacher, Principal and Kid, stems from my years there. 

                    The 14 Principles

1)  "The most important aspect of a school is the quality of the human relationships within that school." RL (9/1968)

2) "We must accept and value the child for what s/he is and has become as well as for what s/he can and will become." RL (9/1968)

3)  "Trust, caring, concern and respect are all qualities which we should foster within our school." RL (9/1968)

4)  "Schools should be vital places in which children live, learn and grow." RL (9/1968)

5)  "We should emphasize learning rather than teaching, and living, which is experiencing." RL (9/1968)

6)  "Respect & caring for each child, teacher and parent are paramount—the foundation of everything else that transpires in a school."

7)  "Teaching, like parenting, is first and foremost an act of love."

8)  "Teaching must be based in the heart, not in piles of data!"

9)  "A supportive, cooperative school culture where children thrive can be lovingly created given time and trust."

10)  "The 21st century school is a Caring Learning Community."

11)  "Parents are public education's greatest untapped supporters. Welcome & engage them as partners in their children's schools."

12)  "Positive and supportive attitudes of teachers and staff towards kids & learning make schools great!"

13)  "Be a generous listener."

14)  "Focus on ENCOURAGEMENT and EMPOWERMENT and you can help shape a loving future."

Richard Lakin
August 7, 2010
Jerusalem, Israel