TESTING: From the Satirical to the Serious


 1) "Don’t think about thinking"--It's Not On The Test! (Thanks to Tom Chapin!) http://bit.ly/6UoLBg

 2) Hysterical: High Stakes Testing with King Arthur http://bit.ly/5zMg8G

 3) Testing Tongue Twister: How many tests can a test taker take if a test taker detests tests? http://bit.ly/9v5tfc

4) The NCLB Night Before TESTING PILL http://bit.ly/9g1owG

5) Yankees win again! Updated my satirical blog post on A-Rod and "value-added" measurement. Most reads ever on my blog  http://t.co/I2hCgM4  @CohenD

 6) Testing Absurdities ~ Enough is Enough! http://bit.ly/cUhyj2


1) Mr. President: Is the U.S. doomed to become a nation of world class test takers?  

2) The No NUT Rule—No Unnecessary Testing (Stephen Krashen)
When will schools begin to follow this fundamental principle? http://bit.ly/bDb5xE

3) "In
India, when we want the elephant to grow, we feed the elephant. We don't weigh the elephant." (by Milton Chen @edutopia)
http://bit.ly/aISXVn via @gcouros @willrich45

4) JesseTurner: I'm walking to D.C. because someone has to tell them that Children Are More Than A Test Score! http://bit.ly/91ODkc

5) Turning Children Into Data http://bit.ly/aepkvo latest from Alfie Kohn @joe_bower

6) Haven't the data-driven testing "advocates" noticed that they're draining America's teachers of their enthusiasm and optimism?

7) Is Testing Driving Away Great Teachers? Stasia Honnold quit her job as a middle school English teacher… http://bit.ly/ajUGAO @Clausvz

8) Connected with a brilliant former 6th grade student who in her 40s considered becoming a teacher. The goddess of testing turned her away!

9) Teachers: Do we have the guts to demand changes in the 2010s before we are completely replaced by test prep trainers?

10) Is the U.S. becoming a Test Prep Testocracy? Defend your "freedoms" with your sharpened No. 2s. http://nyti.ms/9BXr2m

11) I bet all the $$ spent on the school district Testing Coordinators in one small state could staff at least 1 or 2 elementary schools.

12) Another $350 million down the drain, let alone the untold harm to youngsters these RTTT "testing systems" will cause! http://bit.ly/6Hc8Wg

13) "We must prepare our children for the tests of life, not a life of tests." - Maurice Elias Rutgers University @joe_bower

14) Surprise/Surprise! @nytimes Survey Raises Questions on Data-Driven Policy http://nyti.ms/dxiwSr

15) Mad as Hell Is Accurate: Before NCLB/ What Changed ~Sarah Puglisi via Susan Ohanian http://bit.ly/buPGay

16) Why must everything be measured? Are we in a learning Olympics? Does it matter how many books a child devours during the summer?

17) A better way to evaluate students and schools http://bit.ly/daxtKK by Fair Test's Monty Neill (via Valerie Strauss, The Answer Sheet)

by Thanks2Teachers (Richard Lakin at Twitter)
August 30, 2010