10 Favorite CORPORATISM Tweets from a Former Teacher, Principal & Kid

10 Favorite 2011 CORPORATISM Tweets from a Former Teacher, Principal & Kid


1. The Convenient Lie: Teachers & Schools are responsible for America's economic decline, not the GREED of its wealthiest oligarchs!

2. The VITALITY of American  Public Education is based in local communities, not in Federal or Corporate dictates!

3. SOS Call to Action: Let it be known on July 4th, 2011, that our public schools are NOT FOR SALE to Corporate America!

4. What the hell is going on in America? A dwindling middle class| 20-25% of kids living in poverty| Corporatism throughout the land!

5. POVERTY is the "F" word of educational reform & narrowing the achievement gap!

6. How can anyone possibly believe that POVERTY doesn't matter?

7. It's clear why Duncan & Obama don't LISTEN to #teachers. They're completely beholden to corporate interests!

8. Breaking News: 2 CORPORATIONS, aka "PERSONS," wed in DC today. Not only are they in bed with politicians but with each other as well!

9. Can a nation remain a democracy if it does not stand up to #BULLIES?

10. In the beginning, HE created WORD.