Inspiration for Teachers and Parents

Responsive Classroom
"The Responsive Classroom is an approach to elementary teaching that emphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe school community. The goal is to enable optimal student learning. Created by classroom teachers and backed by evidence from independent research, the Responsive Classroom approach is based on the premise that children learn best when they have both academic and social-emotional skills. The approach therefore consists of classroom and schoolwide practices for deliberately helping children build academic and social-emotional competencies."
hello friend: Ennis William Cosby Foundation
Don’t overlook “Good Classroom Teaching for All Kinds of Learners”

www.hellofriend.org (currently off line)
Whole Child Education
This is a new website of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development -- ASCD (June, 2007) -- inspired by the report of the Commission on the Whole Child below. A MUST-READ
ASCD Commission on the Whole Child
For those of us committed to a broad child-centered approach to education (rather than a narrow test- centered one), this 2007 report is manna from heaven. A MUST-READ
The George Lucas Educational Foundation
"Our vision is of a new world of learning. A place where kids and parents, teachers and administrators, policy makers and the people they serve, all are empowered to change education for the better. A place where schools have access to the same invaluable technology as businesses and universities -- where innovation is the rule, not the exception. A place where children become lifelong learners and develop the technical, cultural, and interpersonal skills to succeed in the twenty-first century. A place of inspiration, aspiration, and an urgent belief that improving education improves the world we live in.

We call this place Edutopia. And we provide not just the vision for this new world of learning but also the leading-edge interactive tools and resources to help make it a reality."

Choice Literacy: Come for the resources/Stay for the inspiration
“We are literacy coaches, teachers, and school leaders with experience in dozens of diverse classrooms. This site presents the best of the tools, guides, literacy lessons, and sage advice we've gathered and tucked away as we've worked together over the years.” I highly recommend signing up for their free weekly e-newsletter, The Big Fresh.
Education Oasis [ideas information inspiration]
Terrific Sites for Teachers and Super Sites for Students
The Public School Parents Network: A Resource Guide and Information Source for Parents
Edited by parent and founder Tonye Gray of Wilmington, Delaware, this comprehensive site strives to “candidly address the educational issues that confront school age students and their parents daily”.
Teachers Network
“By Teachers/ For Teachers” : Teachers Network's focus is on the dissemination of classroom-proven curriculum innovations.
 The site of Harry & Rosemary Wong, authors of the best selling practical guide The First Days of School: How To Be An Effective Teacher . Every month, the Wongs publish a new collection of classroom strategies and approaches designed to help teachers become more effective.

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