Schools Within Schools

Little Village Lawndale High School Campus
"In the predominantly Mexican immigrant community of Little Village, on Chicago's south side, a two-year battle for a new high school culminated in a nineteen-day hunger strike by parents that led to creation of Little Village High School. The school is now the pride of Chicago's school system. It is a campus made up of four small schools, each with its own faculty, student cohort, a curricular focus, and a high degree of autonomy."  Michael Klonsky and Susan Klonsky, Small Schools: Public School Reform Meets The Ownership Society, Routledge, 2008, p. 176.
Julia Richman Educational Complex
 in New York City is comprised of 6 autonomous schools which “provide opportunities for students and faculty to know one another, work together, and feel the pride and ownership that support academic achievement.”
Kapa'a Elementary School, State of Hawai’i
http://www.kapaa.k12.hi.us/aboutkes.html, and
Schools-within-a-School: The Kapa'a Elementary School Model This ERIC document “describes the successful schools-within-a-school (SWS) program implemented at Kapa'a Elementary School in Hawaii in 1989.”