Schools Within Schools

Schools Within Schools
By Tobin McAndrews and Wendell Anderson (Clearinghouse on Educational Policy and Management ). This ERIC Digest discusses “the advantages, drawbacks, varieties, and sources of funding for schools within schools”. (January, 2002)
When Large Is Small
American School Board Journal, October, 2006 “The school within a school is a planning pattern that has emerged during the last 10 years as a way of balancing small school goals with big school traditions and efficiencies. Easier to implement than the more expansive forms, it may just become the most common structural pattern for American high schools during the next 30 years.” (The authors are educational facility planner William S. Delong, and architect Frank Locker.)
Taking Stock: The Movement To Create Mini-schools, Schools Within Schools and Separate Small Schools
Schools Within SchoolsSchools Within Schools Mary Anne Raywid, Hofstra University, April, 1996: “Two kinds of inquiry undergird this largely exploratory study. One is an extensive review of the literature pertaining to house plans and schools-within-schools, as published over the last 35 years.” The other consists of “documentations, evaluations, and policy studies of 22 schools-within-schools and small schools, which have been conducted over the past 15 years by this paper’s author.” A MUST-READ
Taking Stock - The movement to create mini-schools
Mary Anne Raywid, Themes Can Serve Schools Well, Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 87, No. 09, May 2006, pp. 654-656.