Charter Schools

Clearinghouse on Educational Policy and Management, Trends and Issues: School Choice--Charter Schools
“Proponents claim charter schools are a mixed supply-and-demand reform that will expand choice, improve accountability, and free teachers from regulation. Opponents fear the potential loss of students and state allowances. They also claim charters are a gateway to educational vouchers. Others see charter schools, with their emphasis on autonomy and accountability, as a workable political compromise and an alternative to vouchers. The charter approach blends market principles with democratic and nonsectarian values.” (Revised 2002)
Small School Alliance
Its stated mission is “the transformation of LOS ANGELES UNITED SCHOOL DISTRICT (LAUSD) into the best school district in the country within 10 years by utilizing the Small Schools Alliance's ‘Six Tenets of High Performing Public Schools.’”
U.S. Charter Schools
A comprehensive listing of charter schools state by state.
California Department of Education Charter Schools
Massachusetts Department of Education Charter School Office