Alternatives Within School Districts

Minnesota's High School of Environmental Studies (SES)
"SES opened in 1995 in the Minneapolis-St. Paul suburb of Apple Valley as a public, 400-student, eleventh- and twelfth-grade "high school of choice." Also known as the "zoo school" because of its active partnership with the Minnesota Zoo and its 12-acre site on zoo property, the school embraces project-based learning with an environmental theme. A number of students work with zookeepers and scientific staff in studying animal behavior, keeping animals active and challenged, and promoting public transit to the zoo."
Big Picture Schools
Believe that schools must be personalized, educating every student equally, ONE STUDENT AT A TIME. Each student’s learning plan should grow out of his or her unique needs, interests, and passions. http://www.bigpicture.org/aboutus/philosophy.htm
Big Picture Schools’ map and profiles--there will be 40 schools as of the fall, 2007.
The Met
is a state-funded network of six small schools spread across three campuses in Providence, Rhode Island
MetWest High School, Oakland, CA
“MetWest’s approach to learning is grounded in a commitment to educate one student at a time; our structures and practices are dramatic departures from what is commonly known as “traditional” high school education. In conjunction with their teachers (called advisors) and family members, each student designs a customized learning plan focused on their interests and passions, which includes two days a week at an internship and three days of academic study and project work on campus.”
MetWest High School, Oakland, CA
Boston Pilot Schools - Fenway High School
“From the start, Fenway was a pioneer in the small schools movement, which values personalized relationships between teachers and students, integrated, flexible curriculum, on-site, shaped decision-making, and learning partnerships with outside organizations.”
Boston Pilot Schools - Misson Hill K-8 School
“A Boston Pilot School, is a small community, with approximately 170 students. Classrooms consist of no more than 20 students, and are multi-age; most children spend two years with the same teacher. Mission Hill School, founded by Deborah Meier, is a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools, a national network of schools and regional centers which embrace the same common principles of education. Some of these principles include small school size, authentic assessment, equitable education, and democratic governance.”